Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immortal Techique - The Martyr

We're living in tough times right now, and just at the right moment, Immortal Technique blesses all his fans with a free mixtape. This has never happened in the history of his career, but we recommend people to actually listen to what he's saying. We've learned plenty of lessons from the man through previous albums, so this should serve no different. [via OnSMASH]

01. Burn This
02. The Martyr (prod. by Southpaw)
03. Angels & Demons feat. dead prez & Bazaar Royale (prod. by DJ Green Lantern)
04. Rich Mans World (1%) (prod. by Shuko)
05. Toast To The Dead (prod. by J Dilla)
06. Eyes In The Sky feat. Mojo of Dujeous (prod. by Southpaw)
07. Goonies Never Die feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez (prod. by Southpaw)
08. Running Nowhere (prod. by Southpaw)
09. Natural Beauty feat. Mela Machinko (prod. by SlimFass)
10. Civil War feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D (prod. by Southpaw)
11. Mark Of The Beast feat. Akir & Beast 1333 (prod. by Memo of The Molemen)
12. Black Vikings feat. Styles P, Vinnie Paz & Poison Pen (prod. by Southpaw)
13. Conquerors feat. John Henrik Clarke (prod. by Engineer)
14. Young Lords feat. Joell Ortiz, CF & Pumpkinhead (prod. by Southpaw)
15. Ultimas Palabras (prod. by Immortal Technique & Southpaw)
16. Sign Of The Times feat. Cornel West, Cetan Wanbli & Lockjaw Nakai (prod. by Southpaw)

Download: Sendspace | Mediafire

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