Monday, December 12, 2011

Jon Connor - Season 2

Jon Connor has been a man on a mission the last few weeks, dropping dope record after dope record in preparation for his Season 2 mixtape. From "Goodie Girls" to "Gonna Make It" to "That’s What He Does," each of his singles, whether over original beats or rehashes, have been stellar exhibits of raw lyricism and musical ability. Additionally, the Flint emcee’s flow is noticeably sharper, and more precise this round and and his records are better polished, and slightly more refined. And even with bigger-name features like Freeway, GLC, Lia Mack, Caas Swift & D. Wayne, Connor's intensity and focus hasn’t dwindled a bit. For everyone who believes that hip-hop has become a barren desert, devoid of lyrics, look no further and please let Jon Connor's Season 2 be your oasis.


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