Monday, December 12, 2011

Mayer Hawthorne - Dreaming

If you have ever wondered what the Muppets on acid might look like, you can get a good idea with this new video from soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne.

The latest video off of How Do You Do? begins with Mayer creeping on two hot chicks eat a slize of pizza à la Lady in the Tramp. Faster than you can say "so, what else can you two devour?", '80s animatronic robot band, The Rock-afire Explosion crashes the yummy party. Mayer Hawthorne was merely a toddler when the creepy furries became a hit in Florida, but apparently playing with the animatronic band has been a goal for Mayer for many years. The Michigan-born singer calls the video a "Supermodel pizza party," because in the end, he gets to dance the night away with those babes from the beginning of the video.

Who knew a gorilla playing the keyboard would be such a great wingman?

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